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Welcome to Film Bug Podcast​​

“Film Bug” is a storytelling podcast that gives a glimpse into the behind the scenes on indie film and tv projects. It’s a space where filmmakers recount the process of creating a project from development to delivery. From the ups and downs, the fires and sparks, the good, the bad and ugly, filmmakers tell it all. “Film Bug” is released by seasons of 7 to 10 episodes with season 1 premiering on September 9th.

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Latest Episodes

Minisode # 111 – Etant Dupain – Madan Sara Documentary

In our final minisode, I discuss how I know filmmaker Etant Dupain, the producer/director of the documentary Madan Sara. I also touch on what to expect for season 2. 

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Minisode # 110 – Justin McAleece

In this minisode, I discuss Justin McAleece whom I interviewed for episode 110. In episode 110, Justin recounts making Brick Madness, a film that took 12 years to shoot. 

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Minisode # 9 – Rebecca Eskreis

In this minisode, I discuss how I met writer/director Rebecca Eskreis from episode 109 and our mutual friend Liz Manashil's podcast 'Making Movies is Hard.'

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Minisode # 8 – Sarah Snow

In this minisode, I give some background on how I know Sarah Snow and some of the projects she's worked on such as "Sharktopus" with director Roger Corman. 

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Minisode # 7 – Josh Guffey

In this minisode, I chat about Josh Guffey whom I interviewed in episode 107 of the podcast, how we met, and his connection to the "Film Bug" podcast. Check...

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Minisode # 6 – Seckeita Taylor Lewis

In this minisode, I chat about how met Seckeita Taylor Lewis, writer/director of the film Jerico. She is interviewed in episode 106 of the podcast. 

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