“What Breaks the Ice” with Rebecca Eskreis

It took a while for Rebecca to bring “What Breaks the Ice” to life, but once she started, she and her team were unstoppable. Not rain not even a truck breaking down could stop this production. Rebecca Eskreis takes us through the making of “What Breaks the Ice,” a coming of age movie about two…

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Episode 108 – Sarah Snow

Sarah Snow hit it big when she produced “Slenderman,” but it’s while helping a friend on a short film that she encountered the most obstacles. In this episode, Sarah recounts the night a crew member was assaulted on set, logistical nightmares, nearly losing her friendship with the film’s director, and the top notch crew that…

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Episode 107 – “All Gone Wrong” with Josh Guffey

Buckle up for quite the ride with writer/director Josh Guffey as he takes us behind the scenes of his first feature film, “All Gone Wrong.” A journey 12 years in the making, “All Gone Wrong” stars Jake Kaufman as well as iconic Candyman actor Tony Todd. Find out how Josh’s car was nearly totaled, investors pulling…

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